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My years in America. America! America!

My years in America. America! America!

My years in America. America! America! Long time no posted here. Not only I neglected this blog but also a place lived a big part of my life, that is nearly 16 years in the USA. Yes, it was a January of year 1985 when landed in LAX. I had a suitcase, some money and many skills. Oh! Did I tell you I also was young and handsome?…  
After the usual “welcome to America” in the airport, immigration and customs all I remember from that day is the suspicion of that Filipino immigration officer that pushed hard the questioning of my Visa type B, like business, she wanted to know in details on what kind of business I’m in and the purpose of entering the US. So if you see a Filipina officer in the airport  change lane and go to the other one with bleu eyes and blond hair.
Anyway, there I am in a taxi heading to Venice Beach 20 minutes ride from LAX with no suitcase, being told “will arrive with the next plane from Paris”. Arrived to my apartment at midnight with not even a change of a pair of socks. Indeed, my suitcase was delivered a 10 PM next day at my place.

Venice Beach California

My years in America. America! America!
My years in America. America! America! I went back to Venice on February 2015. My cute condo was demolished and the little garden on the front was gone. They built 6 units instead of two it was before.
My apartment at 419 Ocean Front Walk was right there where its name is, @20 meters from the sand. A small, cute two stories two units condo facing the beach with a small garden on the front and a big, big window facing the boardwalk.
I hadn’t even had the time to explore the beach when a loud screaming and voices woke me up at 7 in the morning. Jumped out to see what was going on, saw 4 cops on top of a man on the floor trying to handcuff him. Said to myself, he must have done something grave to have all these cops trying to arrest him; I ask a bystander if he knew why he was arrested and got the shocking reply.

He was drinking a bear on the street

I said, then? Was he drunk?
I don’t know he said, but you can’t drink on public places here.
Do they really need all this manpower to subdue a guy just for drinking a bear?
Apparently the bystander didn’t like the question, he left.
Venice is a crazy place to live. You’re caught  in the middle of a middle class bourgeoisie home owners, homeless, leftists activists, nostalgics of the hippie era, artists and singers in search of a breakthrough that will change their life, but more often will never come.
Cops are everywhere on the streets, their 4X4 patrol the beach all night long looking for campers. I have rarely seen such a concentration of low enforcement on a tourist place. Talk about California the most liberal state in the Union…
Let’s post a video from my FB  I filmed last year for the heck of remembering the real face of Venice. Click on the image

And this picture here
My years in America. America! America!
My years in America. America! America! Venice Beach California February 2015
Should I mention all reasons for loving this country I’d have to write a book not a blog.
First and most important in those years, you weren’t seen as a foreigner but rather as a new comer. Thats at least how my US friends used to introduce me to others,Unlike the rest of the world, new comers and US citizens are caring the same form of ID, the driver’s license that is; as opposed to French and other Europeans where the citizen cares a National ID and the Immigrants one of the several stay authorizations reserved to them.

Love affaire cultural shock. Only in America. 

Days later I met a woman in her 30’s  she invited me for dinner to… MacDonald’s. We talked about everything and nothing, she told me she was working then as a social worker for the county with a salary of $8 an hour, never married and she would like to, something it was the last thing I was thinking recovering from a recent divorce.
Anyway, we finished dinner and decided to go. I saw her taking her plate, cleaning the table and bringing it back to the designated place, something I didn’t, left everything on the table. With an authoritarian style she almost ordered me to do the same, I replied sorry, I’ve never been to a fast food before and don’t know the rules.
But out of curiosity, I asked her why should I have to do this? I’ve been to restaurants all my life, had never seen it before. Her answer was that we must help to keep the cost down, should every customer leave the table without clearing it they’ll have to assign an additional employee to do this therefor raising their prices!
She went on saying, ” One more thing you should know, here in America, she said, we must help the rich to become richer because they are the only ones can resolve the  poor peoples' problems! Not the government! 
How a liberal like me, by French standards, coming from a socialist country where even the most extreme conservatives views are far from being not even close to her statement can digest this? 
I hadn’t to. She does not have legion of supporters on her thinking, I’ll even say she was an exception. But I did like the woman for expressing her views as she sees  them, regardless of what YOUR perception is on the same.
I like Americans for defending their emotions and opinions, expressing them fearless, no complex or reservation, as stupid and incomprehensible  might be to us Europeans from a different culture living with taboos and often non sense conservative traditions that often complicates our life. Should I go as far as to say I should endorse Donald Trump? Just for having the courage of his opinion? 
No, I won’t! Most Americans won't. Ignorants and losers  only believe on him. Even though he now tries to correct his rhetoric on violence sexism and racism is too late. Sorry Donald, you don’t fit the all American profile of a leader as I knew it in the 80’s. You look to me more of a mad man than a president of the US. 

 My years in America. America! America!

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Evan Iliadis – The truth

Evan Iliadis – The truth

Evan Iliadis – The truth  Welcome to Evan Iliadis new blog. Not that I really need another one but for the heck of going a bit off the  usual subject is now  the right time to introduce you a few of my detractors in a different way and means as permitted by the terms and conditions of, the right to respond on their attacks that is. 

in effect, 6 guys got together for the purpose of writing “anti Evan” blogs as most people call them. 5 people have more than 100 blog pages  (including on this version of WP)  and stolen photos published on my Facebook and other blogs I own. The problem with these pages the detractors have, is that the more they updating them the more look the same, same rant, same titles,“Evan the liar” Evan the “psychopath” Evan,Evan,Evan! Everywhere! E

Their names are Christopher “aka” Chris Bennetts” living in remote areas of the Philippines (?) – Guenther Vomberg form Cebu Philippines- Matt Wilkie form Minglanila Cebu Philippines- Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas living in Cebu Philippines – Perry Gamsby former Cebu resident now living in Australia, Brad Hughes  a US citizen living in Cagayan de Oro Philippines.

They all met through my several blogs I maintain on the internet in combatting prostitution and human trafficking in the S/E Asia, particularly in the Philippines, where serious accusations about the practice within the expat community went by  without been prosecuted, corruption and collaboration of crooked officials oblige. Evan Iliadis – The truth  

I had no other choice than appeal to good people around the world for help in a “naming and shaming” campaign shaking the expat and sexpat community forcing them to erase entire blogs and forums, closing bar fines and bikini bars (brothels), deporting criminals and psychopaths out of the Philippines, removing their membership  from boards putting their web sites under private registrations.

Finally! The Philippines National Police  starts paying attention, reading my blogs and arrested pimps and pedophiles operating out of the Philippines behind bogus Call Centers and other legitimate services on the surfaces, but behind close doors the real business was the now famous “sex dens” involving exposure of minors and forced into prostitution girls. Others from around the world joined Evan and helped him with information in tracking pimps, scammers, human traffickers in the expat community. Here she is: Activist Cecilia Flores-Oebanda

Evan Iliadis - The truth
Evan Iliadis – The truth

Evan Iliadis – The truth   wouldn’t be the truth without an homage to an activist Lady living in Cebu Philippines, consecrating her life rescuing minors from the hands of criminals human traffickers. She has paid the price for that, Philippines government corrupted agents in connection with the mobs in the expat community worked hard to smear her name.  She survived! So did I!    

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Evan Iliadis victims. Nothing but sexpats and criminals.

Christopher Bennetts is an example who makes it to wall of shame. A cruel, psychopath pornographer that has largely contributed to the degradation of the Philippines image around the world. His porn sites portrays our women as whores, enjoying drinking sperm and pee. And he's the husband of a Filipino woman and has 6 Pinoy looking children from 3 different Filipino women. Philippines, enjoy your "Tourist" 
One of my good friends, a surgeon living here in the cote d'azur spending time once a year in the S/E, mostly in Malaysia. He has a passion with diving and loves Kota Kinabalu area for his favorite sport. I asked him if he ever visited the Philippines, he said no. Finding this a bit odd for a diver provided the Philippines is a world class spot for divers situated not that far from Sabah, I decided to find a bit more on his decision and here is what he said: Evan Iliadis victims. Nothing but sexpats and criminals.

"Listen Evan, As you know, I'm a public person here in the cote d'azur  my name is what you know it is, I'm divorced with children, now single, member in many clubs, professional associations and others; 

I'm dying to go to the Philippines near by, but afraid once back to France of having to deal with people's sarcasm, be it openly or secretly, questioning my real motivations of visiting the Philippines. In their mind knowing also to be a bit womanizer there will be no doubt in their mind as to "what I was doing there", certainly not only diving but enjoying whatever the country is best known, sex tourism that is. Evan Iliadis victims. Nothing but sexpats and criminals.

Jean Claude hasn't yet heard what Harry Thomas, the US Ambassador in the Philippines, had to say because our conversation took place before his statement that spill controversy angering the Philippines government. Here is what he said.

US ambassador slams sex tourism Claims "40 per cent of men visit for sex" AFP September 23, 201112:00AM

US ambassador Harry Thomas told a forum of Filipino judges and officials that corrupt officials were involved in a very visible sex trade, and challenged the legal profession to eliminate the "scourge".

"We know that 40 per cent of foreign men who come to the Philippines, including from the US, come for sexual tourism. That is not something I'm proud of. That's not something you should be proud of," Thomas said.

Read more: 

A tourism department spokesman emphasised that sex tourism was not part of the government's marketing campaign. A few days later the government issued this statement: 

Palace wants tourists to come to Philippines for ‘right reasons’


Manila, Philippines—While the government wants millions of foreign tourists to come to come to its shores, Malacañang on Friday said that it wants travelers to be in the country “for the right reasons.”
Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte made the remarks in reaction to US Ambassador Harry Thomas’ disclosure that four out of ten male foreign tourists come to the Philippines for sex.
Read more: 
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But that's not what other bloggers think. 

Philippines: two U.S. citizen pedophiles go unpunished

Shay Cullen, a nonprofit advocate in Olongapo city, Olongapo city, Philippines, reported 
another incident of child sex trafficking case in the city yesterday. The federal agents charged
a father and a son, both Filipinos with U.S. citizenship, were charged with raping and abusing 
two teenage sisters and detained for three weeks. 
But, just as many other predators in the past, 
they walked free as the prosecutor dismissed the criminal charges against the two U.S. citizens. 
It's not because the prosecutor did not have enough evidence to prosecute the father and the son. 
But, according to Shay Cullen, the state is unwilling to go through a long trial against the 
two U.S. citizens. More about the case

You now understand why Jean Claude won't come to the 
Philippines? It is time the Philippines Government 
understands that sex tourism keep away the most lucrative 
part of tourists, those spending big money. The family 
tourism. Expats are mostly financial failures in their 
countries, most living on meager pensions, or younger 
wannabe human traffickers and pimps that received word 
from other mates of the same that "In the Philippines, you 
can do any unlawful business you wish, you can bribe and 
you get away with it.